Saturday, December 24, 2011

friendly get together.. get it?

get it?
cause they're our friends...? so it's a friendly get-together.

i have been quite the party panner this christmas season.

we hosted jeff's friend party.
we {i} planned jeff's family christmas party, which was a success, of course.
and then the next day i had my friend christmas party, which was also a success. of course.
do you expect anything less of me? 
no, you don't. cause i kick a..

we have loved this holiday season because of all the fun things we get to do and all the visits we get to make! we feel so lucky to live so close to our family and friends that not only do we get to see them at christmas but throughout the year.

many thanks to all of you for making our spirits bright!

some of the nights highlights were

the guesstures game that kept getting passed around
skate or die sweatshirt
the unwanted cake bites
the eternal marriage talks on tape.
ali and jeff vs. lauren and tony... and their idea of a wrapped present
annie almost snipping raymo's fingers off. ouch.
and the wrap-off. emmy and josh vs. brooke and jake.
the singing reindeer that brooke and jake won for their sweet wrapping skills.

thanks to everyone for your delicious eats and your good company!

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