Tuesday, January 31, 2012


hello costco new members!
yes, that is us!
how come i feel so much more grown-up?
it really is an equal stepping stone to getting your own place together. is that a sad comparison?
i guess i just love myself some costco!

 jeff didn't like our costco trip quite as much as i did. maybe cause there was a jazz game on somewhere at the same time... oops. but i really wanted to get the whole experience. so yes, we did walked up and down every aisle. i think that it's important that we familiarize ourself with our newest grocer. 

and then people thought they could hate on our adult decision. what is that all about? it's ok though, i forgive sissy cause she is just lookin' out for me. so thanks sissy. and annie is just warning me to KISS: keep it simple stupid. thanks annie and sissy for keepin' it real!

so guys, if you see me at costco come say hi, and maybe we can get a cheap dc and a hot dog!

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