Monday, January 30, 2012


-as i am nannying my nephew, i find myself a little bit too involved in whatever tv show it may be; arthur, curious george, martha speaks, etc. this time it was a movie on tv. and it was the last half of it. the movie is called how to train your dragon. and i'll tell you that the last half of this movie was pretty darn good! and i was just eating it all up and loving every second.

-... the story continues. after a saturday night date with friends, we found ourselves at blockbuster. looking to rent something to finish our night off. as we walked around for a HALF HOUR, we weren't too pleased. i think we both knew what we really wanted. so wandered over to the kids and family section only to be SHUT DOWN because how to train your dragon was already checked out. we left empty handed.

-we saw a mini puppy husky today, and i am OBSESSED! cutest little ball of fluff around!

-dead serious, i told jeff if i don't pass one of my four VERY hard classes this semester, i'm calling it quits. and i'll just tell people i graduated. it's fiiiiine.

-my mom not understanding instagram. she doesn't know why people comment, or who their having a conversation with. she saw a picture of a pizza and a coke with the caption "kicking' it old school." and said it didn't make any sense. poor thing, just bring to keep up with technology. bless becky's heart. it's pure gold!

-while we were driving, jeff said no phones in the car, because then the conversation really dies down and i don't pay attention. so to get my attention he said, under his breath, "what the, monkey." and i truly said "where?" and jerked my head up and for a split second believed there was a monkey in front of our car.

-we have been competing with our below neighbors band in the morning by singing phantom of the opera. i think it's any day they'll be asking us to jam with them.

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