Wednesday, January 25, 2012

mexican cruise

we couldn't be more excited for our mexican cruise.
it will be my first cruise and my first time in mexico.
i need a vacation asap, and the sunshine, swimming suits, a boat, and the ocean couldn't be better!
and i get to go with my babe-licious! and some sa-weet friends. be jealous.

so hip hip hooray for stealing all our mulah carnival!
we'll see ya soon!


  1. That's the one we just went on last summer and it was our first too! A BLAST! How fun, so excited for you guys :) you are NEVER hungry, always getting your sunshine on, and watching everyone waste their money on booze. It's awesome! Ha ha. Seriously though, those cruise ships are insane. I wonder if you'll be on the Carnival Splendor ship, if so, say hello from us!

    1. we are so excited! ready to come home with some major food babage!