Monday, January 23, 2012

some jazz and youknowyouloveit

the other night we went to the jazz game, and it was a super close game. we cheered them on and still love them even though they lost. kobe is stupid. raja bell owns you.

-i wish growing your hair out was a skill. and i was really good at it, and that my hair was long. cause i would really put a lot of energy and effort into it. and everyone would see me and think "wow, she is really good at her hair."

-i also wish that i were rich rich rich.

-i want to do the 30 for 30 challenge. if you are unfamiliar with this, you pick out 30 total pieces of clothing, and only can wear those 30 pieces of clothing for 30 days straight. this includes pants, skirts, shirts, jackets, and i think even accessories. but then i think about it. and sadly, i already wear the same things over and over again. i could do this with 10 items, and no accessories. if you are in any of my classes at school and don't even know my name you could tell me my favorite pieces of clothing. {i have class at 7:30 am what do you expect?}. so the 30 for 30- it really wouldn't be a challenge but basically my every day life, every day fashion. but maybe i will do it and will pick things i never wear, that will be a challenge. who knows, i may surprise you and do it!

-we have a hot vacation planned!

-our apartment has been without heat since thanksgiving. we got it fixed last week... how bad do you feel for us?

-HELP, i need yummy delicious blendtec/fruit smoothie recipes that will make me smile and not gag.

-we had a snowstorm the other day and jeff and i spent a good 2 hours shoveling the walks. because we waited and waited for the snow to melt, and then it didn't. so by the time we got to it, peoples tramples had turned it into ice. and moby usually likes it when we throw snow at him, but that day he didn't like it.

-why are books $500? why do i pay for a parking pass and then have to use quarters for almost all my classes? why is tuition so much? why do i HAVE TO graduate? why am i not graduated yet? why do i have to take stats, math, and harder math? why is it so hard to drink water? why doesn't biotin work? why does food go bad? why is saving money hard?

-boy do i complain...

love ya!

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