Wednesday, February 29, 2012

arrrrg matey

i'm a for sure fan of themed birthday parties!
yay for them!
i once had a pocahantas and lion king birthday party!
so yay for clever and cute mom's!
i want to be like you when i grow up!

last night we went to our nephew's pirate birthday party!
jackson is 5!
happy birthday cute boy!

don't mind mr. monson's attire. he had just gotten out of a ball game.

and i feel pretty confident saying that we probably got him his favorite present ever.
what 5 year old isn't obsessed with angry birds?
um none. and so we got him an angry bird pillow. you're welcome!

also, i LOVE pirate booty!
oh but did you now that it is called pirate'S booty, it is plural! what? since when?

and yes, i also realize that i wore the bandana like a cowboy and so not pirate. 
i realized this after everyone else took their picture and had the bandana on their head, oh well duh.
i'm supposed to be johnny depp, not johnny wayne, haha {get it? i'm pretty funny!}


  1. that is such an amazing party theme! love all the details, from the water bottles to pirates booty! so, so cute.

    xx jes

  2. so cute!! i love your blog :) newest follower!

  3. you should see kiddos eat that pirate's booty. i was a lab student in a kindergarten class last year and it was insaaaaane how much the kids loved that stuff. i swear they would each eat their own bag in one sitting if we let them.

  4. Thanks for coming...the Angry Bird was a huge hit! He slept with it last night and took it to school with him today on Pajama Day! He loves it:)

  5. That looks like so much fun! I love themed things too. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!