Thursday, March 1, 2012

awkward and awesome

ok ok ok... i guess i'll do it again!

awkward. i finally went to one of mr. monson's bball games this week. {it is his second to last one}. oops- bad wife.

awesome. UNC won. {for jeff!}

awesome. us {jeff and i} trying to do that thing where your laying on your back and can just kick your legs up to standing position. does that make sense? i have a picture but i won't share it with you. but this was pure awesomeness! this is how we entertained ourselves last night until midnight. it was probably pretty entertaining for our neighbors too ;)

awkward. bachelor ben's sad resemblance to francine from arthur.

double awkward. ben's hair.

triple awkward. the fact that i know arthur so well that i actually got in an argument about whether this picture is francine or D.W. it's francine. 

awesome. no stats homework this week! a million awesomes!

awkward. my new obsession with goldendoodles. yes, an obsession. currently have a tab with google images of goldendoodles. on my phone and my computer.

awesome. my absence from math this week, letting me sleeeeeeeeeeeeep in!

awkward. how much i treasure that extra 40 minutes in bed. is it really worth it?

awesome. free meal at cafe rio.

awesome. scramble with friends. i even deleted words with friends, and hanging with friends, because there is no time for them now that i have this fun game on my phone

awesome. the apple store, not being crowded, h&m not being crowded {first time for everything right?} and last but no way least the apple store fixing my computer for free in ten minutes. 

awesome&awkward. going to the gym with a blazing blizzard outside, and awkward that we took this picture..

awesome. being the only ones at the gym! {cruise body here we come!}
yes, i know my shoes are a little bit bright!

tell me your awkward&awesomes!!!


  1. I am in bed cackling at the picture of Francine and Ben. So freaking funny.

  2. such a lovely post! Check my blog and follow me if you want!

  3. I knew he reminded me of someone... Bahaha! Hilarious. My fiance has a goldendoodle and it is adorable! I can't blame you :)

  4. jealous; i want to go on a cruise! you are too sweet. we're up in sugar house, so relatively close to midway. the ice skating rink is by the homestead, like where they have the swedish days festival? (is that what it's called?) you should definitely go! and you are just so sweet. your blog is adorable, and your puppy is too! friends :)

  5. omg. the whole ben francine thing is just crazy. i say it on twitter and couldn't believe the resemblance! poor guy.

  6. hahahahahaha. i love your blog.

    so true on everything else, on ALL levels!

  7. scramble with friends! yes! my husband and I play back and forth all the time now:-) xoxo

  8. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!!

  9. I've never seen the apple store empty... or at least not crowded. I usually try to avoid that store at all costs. and how did you manage a free meal at cafe rio? So jealous!!!

    p.s. that picture of Ben is THE most awkward thing ever. Literally laughed out loud when I saw it.