Thursday, February 23, 2012

awkward & awesome

because i wanna hang with the cool kids...

so today, in honor of my most favorite posts to read, i thought i would attempt to be as funny and as clever as cute blogger number one, and cute blogger number two
awkward: wearing my orange pants {which i really do call my naked or nakey pants} and have someone do a double take because they really thought i had no pants on.

awesome: going to crown burger twice in one week! 

awkward: getting pulled over, and my super intelligent urgent excuse..."i'm sorry, i'm just in a hurry! ..." well duh. that obvious, i'm speeding. side note: boys say that girls can get out of speeding tickets so easily, to just say your on your period. but i get too nervous that i'd say that and then mr. copper would, ya know, look. ew, too weird.

awesome: our temple date last night.

awkward: i am in a class with a total of six students. sometimes they don't all come. i have sat in a class with a total of two students. me and one other. awkwarddddddd.

awesome: watching a christmas movie. on presidents day. can you tell i have a favorite holiday. 

awkward: driving the other day i saw a semi truck with the sticker "student driver" on the back. i'm not even lying. a semi! maybe this is a little bit of awesome.

awesome: our cruise is in two weeks!

awkward: coming home, turning on the t.v. watching t.v. {but not really watching, i just need that background noise...}. mr. monson comes home an hour later, and we both realize i have been watching sports center for an hour. mr. monson thinks that this is most definitely awesome.

awkward: that i'm attempting to do awkward and awesome, which made this even more awkward.

awkward: my comment above.

super duper awesome: our date night plan with friends tomorrow night: watch ALL of our wedding videos! what could be more awesome than this??

awesome: asking my niece who my mommy is, and her response, "pink!" ha ha, well ok then.

awesome: our cruise in in two weeks!

awesome: squirt guns! why don't we ever play with these more often?

awkward: calling someone, having a full conversation with them, and then whoops, wrong number. "she sounded cute" bless your heart brooke!

awkward or awesome? this picture. you tell me.
oldie but goody!


  1. You're a pro at awkward and awesome! Don't worry...I felt awkward my first time too :)

  2. that last picture? awkwardly awesome ;)
    love your blog, lady!!

  3. i love awesome and awkwards. yours are great! have had a blast checking out your blog.

  4. Haha, awesome! So you're that person I saw wearing those pants, haha. Great blog :)

  5. ha ha cute picture!! my mom used that excuse when she was 17 when she was pulled over. She was wearing white pants and claimed they were my grandmothers and if she did not get soon as quick as possible...they would no longer be white! haha...the cop was mortified and let her go :)

  6. Oh crown burger. I pass at least 2 crown burgers daily and I can always smell it from my car (possibly the pregnancy nose) and I just want it soooo bad. Oh yum.