Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the pros and cons of schoo-school

guys, get ready for some serious venting...
just cut me some slack, roll your eyes if you must, i'll pretend not to notice. but let's just talk about school.
school, school, school, school, school, school.
why did i put myself through this? i would SO much rather be chatting it up with my client friends cutting their hair part-time at some chic salon. i'm not even lying. i am 100% envious of this profession.
so much more fun!

we are going to go over the pros and cons of school now.
i am sorry to complain and be negative and blah blah, but school is hard, and i am a female, and sometimes us females, we just need to get things off our chest. so for no other reason than my brain being filled to max capacity with numbers and formulas- i get to ramble on for a minute.
thank you!

pros: school is a social mecca. this place is top notch for meeting and greeting. it's even where i met my mr. monson of a man.
con: sometimes this social mecca and top notch place for meeting and greeting is not so awesome when, like myself, you roll-o out of bed, and then you happen to run into, oh i dunno your high school flame..and it's been five years. and you know he is just pleased as can be that 'that' ended. or even worse, you run into your husband's old flame. this is never good. however, this usually sparks some strong desire, to be prepared next time and be in our best dressed for the next week just incase it happens a next time!

pro: the commuter school. i do love being able to drive my car to class, rather than take the bus or trump through mounds of snow from a smelly dorm. which leads me to my next con: parking. parking. parking. that is all. you understand the frustrations of parking.

pro: taking classes with that sweet mr. monson of mine. oh yes, and getting straight a's in them! never made my parents more proud!
con: not going to classes because mr. monson is in them, and no-way jose he'd miss class. and unlike friends who say the'll sign you name on the roll, or say they'll let you copy their notes. mr. monson really does let me copy his notes, and really does sign my name. and now i am realizing that this con, is much better suited for a pro.

con: stats, math, and basically classes that involve numbers. 
another con: {shoot you guys, and i super negative or what?} the teachers. i assume there is a reason for these teacher evaluations required to fill out at the end of each semester. however i do not think that these are being put to good use. like eric trunnel, {yes i will say his name} this class must go. stress management does not involve going on walks and writing down everything that is circular... it most definitely does not.

pro: i sort of want to retract my last con, seeing as i take these classes from these teachers for a reason, because heaven forbid i actually learn something in school. {jk, i really do learn you guys, i really do}.

con: i have been doing homework for 8 hours straight. 
pro: i am forced to make new friends or revisit old ones, because when i need that tutor help, i really need that tutor help! and i am willing to do anything {well not anything}, i mostly just mean i will definitely take you to lunch/dinner. so it's basically doing them favor, because i am fun fun fun to hangout with! so you are welcome in advance smart friends!

pro: did i mention that i met my sweet, sexy, honey-bear of a guy here are school? oh right, yes i did. well incase you forgot, i did, and for that along school is and will always be great.

no that is not Facebook. it is math. 

thanks goodness for the man sitting next to me in this picture! {mr. monson}
thanks goodness for diet coke, the weekend, and those smart friends!

apologies apologies for my complaining!
but if not here then where right?
and can i get some sympathy or am i just being a big baby!?

maybe i need to be going on more circle walks? {doesn't make sense unless you read the post}


  1. after 8 hours of homework, you deserve some serious weekending! like sitting in a vat of ice cream type of serious weekending.

  2. Ah, I quite like it when bloggers 'get stuff off their chest'. Shows we're all human.Rx

  3. i swear it's always the days you don't get ready that you run into people you know on campus. so naturally you make sure to look great the next day and find that every single person you know has decided to steer clear of campus. i should probably get married so my husband can go to my classes for my. that right there is the way to do school. i have this one class right now three days a week at 8:30 am - only the worst time to be commuting up to the U because just about every other student in the world is also driving there. and worst part? i am not a morning person. i miss that class way more than i should. i missed it today in fact. it's my only class on those three days so it's so hard to get myself to go. all we do is fill in the blanks. that's it! lucky for me my friend took the class last semester so i get to use her filled in blanks to fill in mine. it's almost as good as being married! amen to math/stats. death. okaaaay consider my overly long comment over now.

  4. Someday you will refer to "school" in the past tense! It seems to go on forever, but there is an end. No matter what you do with your education, it will always be an accomplishment! Meeting spouses is always a bonus! Cousin Mindi