Tuesday, February 21, 2012

my presidential weekend

our long weekend was really quite great and should have been longer.

on friday i went to a luncheon and made dental kits to help teach kids how to take care of their teeth.
then me and mr. monson went to the infamous costco, which is sort of our new favorite hangout. 
we really really really enjoy the sampling there. and as their most recent members we felt it was acceptable to try things twice, or just maybe ask for two. we might not do this again though, because some people didn't know how new we were to costco and didn't like our taking of two servings each...sorry guys.

and then we went to midway for the long weekend. it was a much needed R&R {rest and relaxation as my dad would call it} weekend. we enjoyed sleeping in, lounging around, reading, playing games, hot tubbing, and never ever ever having to change out of comfy clothes. we were only planning on staying in midway one night, but that changed and we stayed longer than anticipated. hopefully everyone was fine with the fact that we wore the same thing every day all day. we thought it was ok. and we did hot tub too. 
that's comparable to showering right...

don't judge our HUGE cart filled with 4 items. we are only two people trying to buy in bulk.
you guys, mr. monson got a new hairdo! do you like? because let me tell you that i la-la love it!
he needed to get a new hairdo to be all professional and stuff since we are growing up and graduating and all.
oh how sweet it is to lounge and be amongst family. except that on out way home we did stop at the grocery store. so forgive me for going out in public in mr. monson's bigger than i should ever wear sweatshirt and these tv static leggings accompanied by my purple sorrels. it was definitely a good weekend.
on an entirely separate subject...

as for the bachelor... yes, kacey b. was a favorite, however ben is not my favorite so i am ok that she went home, because she can do better. someone who appreciates values right??
and someone else really came out in hometown. nicki, she became a favorite.

do you agree? what are your bachelor thoughts? 
and what the heck!? who is bachelorette emily's first date? jack dawson?
you guys what is this! 
or are you rolling your eyes at my silly reality tv obsession?


  1. I totally agree about Nikki coming out in hometowns! I never liked her but she was so cute last episode....i swear she got prettier over the weekend! Lindsay is my fave though! however I dont want her to win because ben is a fugly looser.....just sayin

    1. that what we were saying!!! so glad you agree! haha

  2. i'll only go to costco during lunch time hours because thats when costco sampling happens and i don't know why i would go to costco any other time then sampling time. don't ever apologize for asking for two. be brave and ask for three ;)

  3. you are a doll! and i love costco!!! my membership just ran out... i need to get on that asap!