Friday, February 3, 2012

lately has been fun

we have had a lot of fun lately.
but we have also been kind of busy. but we like busy.

we visited a favorite burger shop that because a not so favorite anymore. too bad smashburger, we really liked you. maybe we should just stick with hires. they have not failed me yet. 
and i'll even make an exception for them and eat a hot dog, while NOT at a baseball game.

we hung out with friends at cafe rio for three hours.
helped josh with twitter. 

 and continued our three hour conversation at menchies, because i love frozen yogurt, and apparently flowered pants. also, the reason for the high school pride is because this place is a skyline hangout, and they were pretty upset that when they came in we had taken all the chairs. 

book club was super fun! we decorated valentine cookies, and of course chatted, 
and of course again- book talk only...
we are reading night circus by erin morgenstern. which on the website is listed for $4... darn me.

but not everything is fun and games. i have been doing TOO much of this lately. homework. 
math and stats!
i was telling jeff that it is taking over my personal hygiene. because it has gotten to the point where dirt is under my fingernails. how did i let this happen? and how is it still there while i type this, because my friends, this photo was taken on wednesday.

other than that- happy friday, and thank goodness it is the freakin weekend!
we're gonna be baking pizza's tonight, sleeping tomorrow, and cheering for the winning team on sunday {i don't even know who is playing...}

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