Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#photoaday January instagram challenge

this month we learned that challenges like this are not my forte. 
i missed a couple days. i also deleted some of the photos.
i am actually pretty surprised i didn't delete most of them... like my mailbox.
why do i want a picture of my mailbox? how this lasted only phone for more than thirty days is beyond me.

maybe i'll be better at #febphotoaday
it's pretty self explanatory. each day a new picture. why couldn't i complete this? sounds easy.

day 1. you 2. breakfast {wheat thins didn't make the cut} 3. something you adore {my dad} 4. letterbox 5. something you wore 6. makes me smile {the babes} 7. favorite 8. your sky 9. daily routine 10. childhood 11. where you sleep 12. close up 13. in your bag 14. something your reading 15. happiness 16. morning 17. water 18. something you bought {passport for my cruise}  20. someone you love {the person taking the photos...} 22. your shoes {or your husks slips} 23. something old {gammy's furniture} 27. lunch 29 inside your fridge {shoulda skipped this one} 30. oops 31. me again {look at the first picture again}

ok, i guess i did delete most of them.
and now for your viewing pleasure...

i love  being an instagrammer. i feel like i'm in a privileged club for only iPhoners! 
i'll take it.

"i'm sexy and i know it"

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