Tuesday, February 14, 2012

to my most favorite one of all


to my sweetest of sweets. my one and only jeffrey scott!

man oh man do i sure love ya!

you started out as a funny missionary friend and we spent too much time together, you became my good influence and made my parents proud with straight A's. you thought it had been long enough to kiss me. it hadn't. you stuck with me while i got my "college experience." you were my translator in peru and a good sport in lake powell with my whole family. you quickly became my best friend, and won over my friends. you started to like all my shows. you told me you loved me, and so did i... two hours later. you became my dance partner for chi-o. you fattened me up with dates and serenaded me at tim mcgraw. you were mickey and i was minnie. you played basketball and i came to watch. you moved away to virginia and i waited at home. you took me to the fair and won me a teddy bear. you learned how to ski. you proposed to me at a flower shop. you listened to hours and hours of wedding plans. you came to showers and charmed everyone. you danced with me at our wedding and shoved cake in my face. you and i got our first apartment together. you took me camping. you remembered when it was 6 months, i didn't. you read the book of mormon to me. you and i decided to move away that summer. you took me to colorado and wyoming. you took me to mt.  rushmore and thermopolis. you took me camping on our one year anniversary. you made me ride my bike 100 miles. alone.  you helped me to like sushi. you went skydiving with me. you ran four miles with me. you are my personal comedian. you are my best friend. you are the most patient person i know. you humor me, more than you should. you still love tim mcgraw, a little more than you should, you like all country actually. you are my number one supporter. you are my confidant. you are my sexy husband. you are my bourne identity lover, hunger games slowest reader, best dishes doer, personal garbage man, early riser, sports enthusiast, my sweetest of sweets, my one and only jeffrey scott.

and man oh man, do i sure love ya!