Friday, February 10, 2012

youknowyouloveit, a good one!

-yes, i'll talk about costco again. we love it, and even though we haven't been back since we got our memberships... "well, we'll just go to costco and get some." has been a very common phrase. definitely overused. and obviously we have yet to follow through.

-personal hygiene out the window. school in full swing. i don't think i have ever been so good with school as i am this semester. i said to jeff, "i'm doing do good because i don't really have the option of re-taking the class later." he corrected me and told me that that should have never been an option or a way to look at things. oh, oops. good thing we got that cleared up!

-back to personal hygiene. i just like knowing that no matter what i get to shower on saturday.

-i have to watch golf every sunday morning. do you feel bad for me?

-i painted my nails for the first time since... before thanksgiving...

-valentines... candy, cookies, cake, cupcakes. cruise cruise cruise cruise. stay focused.

-the day that jeffrey scott monson {my husband} proposed to me is almost coming up! don't worry, we will celebrate the best way we know how... ;) wait what? eww gross. with flowers duh!

-shoot, my family reads this.

-i love instagram. so does jeff.

-don't be sad if your single, be happy. i have single brothers!!! actually only one! but hey, didn't your day just get better! give him a call 801.455.5415! he's available on Valentines. we can double!

-last week i slipped on ice and hurt my ankle. it still hurts. and is still bruised. and i hate it so so much!


  1. once you start at never go back. i just love that place. thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Haha, really tickled by this post. I got the most amazing set (yes, that's right, a full set) of Le Creuset pans for £80- in England they're normally £80 each. Bargain. Rx

  3. A Hott date for the husband and I usually includes a stroll around costco! Thats wear he buys most of his clothes :)

    haha I remember getting a really good grade on an exam and telling The Husband "dang...I guess I over studied." Lesson learned

    And when I try to save time making my bed, shaving my legs and combing my hair are all the first things that go....I am totally not judging!