Thursday, March 8, 2012

cruise control

i am ready for it! i have no more homework, a clean house, an empty suitcase and a fresh coat of paint!
it's time for me to show off these puppies out at sea.
can it be friday already?
on friday we am leaving for california. and on sunday we are boarding the ship. 
and my first cruise experience begins! i am giddy with excitement!

p.s. i have not had a mani/pedi in such a long time. 
i spoiled myself! and now i am a little bit obsessed with shellac!


  1. which cruise are you going on? we are going to mexico on carnival at the end of april. i wish the days would go by faster. have fun.

    1. we are going on that cruise! its carnival and goes to cabo and peurto vallarta. we are super excited!

  2. have so much fun on your cruise!!!
    bring stretchy pants. that's the best advice i can give. my cruise had a 24 hour buffet. they literally had to roll me off the ship when we docked on the last day.

    xx jes

  3. ahh shellac!! i've been wanting to get this done for the longest time. you'll have to tell me how great it is. you're going to have SO MUCH FUN on your cruise! they're a blast. enjoy the sunshine!!

  4. Shellac is my fav! I go every three weeks religiously to get it done. Let's go together next time

  5. your mani looks great! and your ring is gorgeous. have so much fun on your cruise! eat yourself silly! that's what i do!


  6. eeekk soooo excited!!! love your cute nails, i still have empty suitcase aaaand no nails or clean house so you are two steps ahead of me.

  7. have so much fun!!! your nails look fab.

  8. first cruise?! oh my yesss! you will love it! be prepared for lots and lots of great food. and 24-7 ice cream. i hope you're not the type who get's motion sickness easily. i am and it's the only bad thing about cruising. sometimes i have to be that weird girl who rocks the motion sickness bracelets. cannot wait to see pictures and hear all about your experience!

  9. shellac is definitely amazing! have SO much fun on your cruise! you will have a blast. oh, and of course your ring is breathtaking ;)
    xo TJ

  10. Sounds amazing.. enjoy! Can't wait to see pictures.

  11. Have so much fun! And be sure to tell us all about it. I've never been on a cruise either.