Wednesday, March 7, 2012

mr. monson, the charmer

this is the very first picture mr. monson and i ever took together. 
look how young and carefree we were!

i was a very spontaneous person at this age, i'd like to think that i still am. 
so being the spontaneous person that i currently still AM, we went on a day trip.
that's sort of the only way i can think to describe it.
we went to st. george for the day.

seeing as this is the first picture that we have together, 
this was obviously very very soon into our relationship.
like so soon, that we hadn't even locked lips yet. and it still wasn't a "relationship"
we both were kind of thinking" 
'ok well, what are we going to talk about. it's a 5 hour drive...there and back'
but it wasn't even an issue.
i think that mr. monson and i maybe started to like each other that day.
we were forced to have some serious talks, 
and given the fact that i DO NOT do well on road trips. {i get ansy an hour in} we got to be real comfortable.

 we didn't really have a plan. 
i think we were both sort of showing off, that we are totally up for anything kind of people.
which i am. he... not so much.
when we got there we decided to go swimming, but we didn't have swim suits, 
so we went to tj maxx and got some swimming suits and went swimming.
we attempted to go shopping and failed miserably.
st. george really isn't that equipped in the shopping world.
ran into an old friend,
had lunch at the pizza place down there
dessert at nielson's
we went to a movie.
we followed some for sure certain polygamist peeps, and then got the creepers.

all in all it was a pretty stellar date.

and look at that greedy mr. monson with his hand on my leg.. who does he think he is?

what's your most spontaneous date?!


  1. i loved reading this! makes me want to go on a spontaneous date with my lovebird but we'll have to wait til after work!
    xx jes

  2. ha, this is so funny. hmm, i know that a lot of the time the mister and i always end up having last minute dates. i think one of my favorites was on the fourth of july. we were not thinking of doing anything and the very last second his sister said let's go canoeing on lake washington. we went canoeing and then road skate boards and scooters to gas works park to watch fireworks go off on the lake in seattle. so much fun, a lot of work, and very spontaneous ;)
    xo TJ

    1. that sounds so fun! my husbs family has a canoe and i want to take it out SO bad!

  3. Ah, that sounds sweet. I'm not sure about unorganised dates these days as as babysitting arrangements tend to scupper that, but when we are out we've been known to do random things like a game of crazy golf, or a random arranged date like the Valentine cheese tasting.Rx

  4. This is my favorite story ever! haha and that second picture is hilarious. Note to self, do more spontaneous things this spring/summer!