Monday, March 5, 2012

the weekend recap!

so many wonderful things are coming up!
my momma's birthday! she is great! and our cruise! yipeeeee!

and you guys these videos are a little bit of amazing
did you watch them?! did you die?
you guys! what is the world coming too? well on the second one.

anyways... how was your weekend? and do you have any fun spring break plans!?


  1. haha costco is def my place to be healthy and unhealthy. might as well go all out!
    xx jes

  2. Living vicariously through you this Spring Break..How are Dave and I missing this epic trip!?

  3. every month i consider doing the photo challenge but then i decide not to. before i begin i already know i won't be able to go a week. that ultimate dog tease video is hilarious! i saw it for the first time on christmas eve and died of laughter. honey-boo-boo! she is as bad as they get!

  4. that lego tower is incredible! I remember always trying to make super tall ones when I was a kid. I always hoped I would break some sort of record and go down in the history books.

  5. oh goodness, all those snow and food looks absolutely perfect!! :)
    what a great weekend!
    xo TJ