Wednesday, March 21, 2012

happy birthday mother goose

before i get too far into my cruise, i have a birthday to mention...

i was sad to be away for her birthday {march 15} 
but having this be one of my first texts back was a treat!

my mom is the most selfless person i know. 
she is constantly on the go and doing things for others.

on the day we left for the cruise, i forgot the book i wanted to read, which was really my book, but my mom's book {i was going to sneak steal}. we all met at a friends house to pile in the car and head to cali. but i really really wanted my book. we were waiting on a couple more things so i decided to call her and figure out my book situation. of course she offered to bring it over. when she got there i realized i forgot my pillow. so we went and got my keys from my parents {i left them there in case anything happened and they needed to get into my apartment}. went to my apartment and got my pillow. after getting back with everyone. we realized we had a check we wanted to cash, because we didn't have any cash. only cards. out comes her wallet, and off she goes to cash our check! 
this is truly what my mother would do for anyone!

every time my mom goes to costco, 
she checks with me, my brothers and her neighbor to see if they need anything.

anytime i leave my wash at her house unattended, 
it somehow ends up washed, folded and/or ironed and waiting by the front door.

in the beginning of a new season 
i often come home to my apartment door festive with a new wreath and welcome mat. 

whenever i call her, she usually asks if i need anything. 
{i could take offense to this, seeing as she thinks i'm needy, but this is just who she is}

sometimes i get surprised with a diet coke.

i just love her so much! 

when we first got married, i sort of loved the overbearing, not letting go and somewhat intruding person she became. it's how i wanted things to be.

i have said this so many times, and i'll say it again. 
but the best compliment i've received is being told i am just like my mom.


  1. this is too cute! mom's are the best thing in the world.

  2. so darling! love how close you are with your mom...i am the same and i don't know how i'll move away!

  3. Your Mom is also an amazing aunt and sister! I am just glad she is part of my family! I feel very blessed to be included in small part of her life! Mindi