Thursday, March 22, 2012

london proposal and a birthday leprechaun

my best friend is getting married!
i know, we all say that our 'best friend' is getting married when any of our friends gets married.
but really, this is my best friend, and she is getting married.
woo hoo! i can't wait!
this gorgeous couple got engaged in... drum roll. are you ready???
how fun and cute and amazing and dream come true is that!?
i'm so happy for her, and him too. and can't wait for them to get home and get the story from the source!
i love them so much and am so excited!

on another note... happy birthday sam!
this pretty girl and i have been friends for a very very long time.
even though she has red hair we set aside our differences early on and it has been pure bliss ever since.
and yes, she is the pistol of a red head.

it has been so fun to grow up with sam
hot lava in her basement on all the exercise machines
spray painting her driveway
swim team
shakespeare play
brokeback mountain
pan's labyrinth
alta jay
pep club
lake powell
lake mead...
rodeo time
humanitarian trip to peru
being a bridesmaid at my wedding!

love you sammy! and i hope you had a happy one!
oh and just so you know, sam is not only a red head born in march, she is born on march 17th...


  1. awww, sweet friends! so fun! one of my best friends got the question popped to her in Paris! le sigh. so romantic! xoxo

  2. aw this post is filled with so much love!
    congratulations to your real best friend! and to your birthday friend!
    xx jes