Friday, March 23, 2012

cruisin on the ship

our first night on the ship was pretty exciting.
since i had never been on a cruise i was just loving it!
thought it was just about the neatest thing.

we timed everything perfectly and were some of the last to arrive. we waited in zero lines.
we also had jake with his new surgery leg which bumped us in front of everything!

we also discussed what we would do if we were to fall off the boat.
we decided that if one of us fell off, we would throw this floaty as far as we could to them so that they could get to it and stay floating, 
and then once in the water, we would try to swim in the boats wake, so that when the rescue boats came they would find us right on the boats course! great plan right? 
good thing we never had to execute it!

steph, brooke, emmy and me

 and boys will be boys... can't take a serious picture can they?
jake, ben, josh and my jeff.

 yes. ben and steph ordered every single dessert one night.
oh the booze cruise...
i think that i can speak for everyone when i say that the times spent off the ship were much better than spent on the ship. and the "booze" part of the cruise was most entertaining. 
we loved all the singles ready to mingle! 
and i can tell you that if you are lookin' for a good time... go on a cruise ;)
the luxury of never ending food was fun at first, 
and then you remember that you are in a swimming suit all day. uh-oh.
and when the boat is rocking... things aren't so great.
a couple of us got a little sea sick. and most of us god food babies.
but i will never once complain about the never ending frozen yogurt. that was good.


  1. oh my gosh... the never ending frozen yogurt is the BEST part of a cruise. my sister and i were at the machine at least once every hour. all hours of the night.
    great pictures!
    xx jes

  2. i'm kind of in love with your outfit. i remember my brother ordered the chocolate dessert in addition to his "dessert of the evening" every night. cruises are the best. the drunk people are hilarious and the singles, oooh the singles! so lonely. so drunk. i'm glad you had fun!

  3. seeing your cruise pictures makes me want to go buy a floppy hat and book a vacation asap!