Monday, March 26, 2012

cabo san lucas part 1

we loved cabo! it was so much fun!
there was so much energy there.
we were so excited to get off the boat and finally be in mexico!
we were a little too entertained by the party atmosphere of senor frogs... 
if you know what i mean, then you know what i mean.

we ate lunch at a little restaurant near the coast, and were serenaded at a costly price.
$5 a song, we felt we should get a CD or something???
after meeting up with some friends at a beach house we borrowed their scooters and scooted all over town! we got marlin tacos and watched the huge waves crash on their private beach {what?}
all in all it was a great day on land! 


  1. i went to cabo last september and after looking at these pictures, i think i need to go back. like, next weekend. great pictures!
    xx jes

  2. Oh my goodness I am so envious!! Looks like such a lovely trip!

  3. Loving the vibrant colours, and I'm not at all jealous. Well, maybe just a touch!Rx

  4. ummmm wow looks like a fantastic vacation...a little jealous over here!

  5. sooooo I have to tell you that i really, really love your blog! and I'm not lying when I say I think you and your hubby are the cutest couple. for real. just had to tell you!

    1. you just made my day! thank you so much! and don't worry i just looked at your blog for maybe an hour.. oops!

  6. ahhh. i really want to go back to mexico. it's been too long. the waves are calling me.

  7. ohhhh myyy. I wont lie, im kind of exploding with jealousy over here. The water is so blue! Those tacos! Looks like a super fun vacation.