Tuesday, March 27, 2012

another happy engaged couple

there is something in the water.
because i went on my trip and came home to bling on everyone's finger!
i am so thrilled for all of them! love makes the world go round right?

so happy engagement to this fine couple!
j.r. is my brother {can't you see the resemblance?}
and we are so happy to add becca to our family!

it was a romantic proposal. 
j.r. surprised her with a candle lit picnic dinner overlooking the valley after a day of snowboarding.
they had dodo dinner which was their first date. and cozy blankets to snuggle.
j.r. wasn't too considerate of everyone else thought... he decided to eat dinner before popping the question, so we had to crunch in the cold bushes and wait 45 minutes before we could unveil ourselves.
but it's ok because we love them!

so congratulations you two lovebirds!
can't wait for the big day in san diego!


  1. what a cute proposal! go love!

  2. I love that you posted this story! I love J.R and am sooooo happy that he has found his other half. They are darling and he has nothing but wonderful things about Becca!

  3. i love posts like this. makes me so happy! congrats to your brother & his soon to be wife! they sure make a good looking couple.

  4. yes, i would love to do a button swap! email me.