Wednesday, March 28, 2012

cabo san lucas part 2

our second day in cabo was a dream. we got off the ship early and taxi'ed a boat to lover's beach.
this is a place where only lover's can go, so we fit in quite nicely!
we spent the morning there playing in the waves and snorkeling. 
by the time we left, it was just getting crowded. 
we had marlin tacos for lunch and shopped the markets.

brooke tried to convince jake that she NEEDED this beautiful embroidered fabric. 
even though most of us were on brooke's side, jake held strong. 

preggy emmy needed her gummy worms. so we got them from an outside candy cart, and then she decided that warm, melting, sun kissed gummy warms are not her favorite.

and of course we all got mexican coke! no diet on this trip!

lover's beach


  1. you have no idea how bad these pictures/your cruise makes me want to go back to mexico. NO.IDEA.

    1. haha, it was my first time in mexico, so i really tried to soak it all in and went a little picture crazy!

  2. bottled mexican cokes are THE BEST, EVER.
    i scrolled down really fast because i can't handle looking at these cabo pictures anymore without exploding in a fit of jealousy but i wanted to say hi. hi!
    xx jes

    1. your the sweetest! and i know, its making me sad that i'm not there anymore!!

  3. marlin tacos? yes please! awesome pics! and the candy, oh man

  4. Umm, love your cute blog! You and your hubby are adorable. Why do we not hangout? Xo

  5. yes yes i did want that fabric and i'm still dreaming about it, everyday when i enter my room. i will find it! la la love you!