Thursday, March 29, 2012

puerto vallarta

puerto vallarta was our last stop on the cruise before heading back. 
we were so sad to leave mexico, and wished our entire vacation was in mexico!
there were endless markets in puerto vallarta, so we strolled through them, made our way to old town.
found a beach, swam in the water, drank coconut juice, found a frozen yogurt joint, said NO to every salesman, found a fun restaurant and watched a show which none of us understood but were picked on because we were from utah!

happy boys with their coconuts!


  1. love the pic of steph. lets go backkkk. but not via cruise this time.

  2. i wanna go! i am still loving your blog!

  3. loving your cruise photos. looks like you guys had a fun time in the sun. I want to visit that little "shop" with all the candy. yum! xo

  4. Those mallow lollies look so cute.Rx

  5. this looks like it was an amazing trip!! love the pictures...absolutely gorgeous!