Thursday, April 12, 2012


things are really getting legit around here.
yes, i'm saying legit because everyone hates it. especially jeff.
but i'm moving to cali, and i bet they say it there! and yes i am saying cali.
{don't hate, appreciate}
we just ended our lease at our apartment and soon enough, we will be moving out of the first place we ever called home together.
it is a little bitter-sweet.
but also legit.

jeff also showed me a hundai, and tried to cover up all the parts on the computer that would say hundai, and said, "hey, what do you think of this?"
too bad he forgot the hundai sign on the car... silly boy, but i'll admit i was impressed.
selling our good in the snow car.

we also ordered our cap and gown for graduation the other day.
it is a little bit crazy to think that everything we have ever known will be in the past. for as long as i can remember i have been in school. and for as long as i have been alive i have lived in utah.
except for my 4 month life in CO, and my 3 week Europe trip. and other vacations over a week.
all of the sudden i will be moving and not have any more school left.
it will be a whole new chapter of our lives.

on an entirely separate note, but also sort of related because it involves us...
lately, mr. monson and i are really into talking. 
i tell him that because we can talk for so long we are that much more in love.
 i really believe that it is true.
i am not lying when i tell you that we talked the other night in bed, ready for bed, for 3 hours.
we stayed up way way past our bedtime and just talked. i know that doesn't seem that long when you are dating, but when you are married- it is a long time. especially during prime sleep time.
and especially when you already are spending the majority of your day with each other. 

and earlier today after visiting jamba juice we sat in the car parked in our apartment parking lot and talked for an extra 30 minutes.
yes, we are that in love.

oh and how do you feel about us going to jamba juice {known for their fruit smoothies} and getting chocolate moo'd for me and peanut butter moo'd for him?
do you think that is silly? i kind of think it is very silly.
we are so so silly. silly silly silly!

and because it is spring.
{really these don't have very much to do with spring at all...but just my life a little lately.}

bedroom eyes... yes, jeff. later.

oh and cake pops. super cute. not super tasty. they are a little bit, or actually a lot of bit too doughy.

this is old! i'm off dc! don't worry.

give me tulips all year long!

ps. silly.


  1. i couldn't figure out how to draw mariah for the life of me.
    and those puppies? they could be sharks best friends.
    he thinks he's big so that big one and him would get along.
    that small one, we can work on that.

    ps i never had my button on my blog!
    email me for it :)

  2. hey cute girl! thanks for grabbing my button. I'll put yours on my page too. It pretty simple- and that is saying something because I am not that techs savvy either. You just add html gadget to your side bar, and then copy and paste the button info into it! It's that simple. xo

  3. looks so fun! i've been wanting to try and make cake pops one of these days cause they're so dang cute.

  4. I'm a Cali will love it here! Love your post its cute! I had some pretty doughy cake pops this past weekend too....but I have to say I never pass up a sweet...those look Soo cute! Xo Tiff

  5. I'm a big fan of talking too.

  6. oh draw something is so funny! i'm horrible at it but my husband and i just keep doing it!

    mmm hires big h. i love me some of that!


  7. haha, that draw something is so spot on. i wish i were that good at drawing! and nothing beats being parked in the car and just talking with the one you love ;)
    xo TJ

  8. picturing myself in the future talking in parking lots for 30 minutes and staying up for three hours just to talk gave me butterlies. legit butterflies.

  9. I totally agree about cake pops.

    Today I’ve done a post with tips for buying fresh flowers if you’d like to take a peak.Rx

  10. AH! Graduation is sooooo close! It is hard to say goodbye to that first chapter of your lives together... but the next chapter sounds amazing!
    Is it sad that all I want are french fries?? That picture of your husbands food is killing me! I need some NOW!