Tuesday, April 10, 2012

our easter weekend

this easter weekend we met this darling creature!
meet cash! he is our friends newest addition and i could not love him more.
if you thought i was puppy hungry well then lock up your puppies cause it has only been enhanced!
i was a little bit too obsessed with him and obviously went into full on photographer mode.
cash was the perfect model for my debut and i felt that i really have a gift for capturing his moments!
thanks elliott and victoria was letting me take over as parent when i was there.

on saturday night we met up with sara and erik and went to pizzeria limone. i am definitely a fan.
sara also tried to make conversation with two def people. asking them if they liked their pizza.
and those two sweethearts tried to spell out L-O-V-E. however she wasn't too convinced cause she didn't get their pizza.

and of course on easter sunday we ate a whole lotta food!
i was in charge of the appetizer. i made the most delicious cheese dip, that i think i make every time i have to bring an appetizer. so i'll be posting that sooner or later. and i promise it is YUMMY!


  1. PRECIOUS pup and what a fantastic pizza, i'm kinda drooling! congrats to your husband on the job and the move, how exciting for y'all! :)

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! That pup is too cute.

  3. Are puppies allowed to be that cute? Is that not illegal? Surely people crash cars walking past such a gorgeous wee pup?Rx


  4. Eliza you are seriously so sweet!! these pictures are so cute! but i think that Cash could really use a puppy buddy.... Thanks so much again for stopping over the other night and going to dinner! we had a blast with you guys, we need to do it lots more before the big move!