Thursday, April 19, 2012

new car, new car, i'm getting a new car!

but before i go into detail... i must pay tribute to black beauty!

i have had some really good memories with you. 
and i am especially grateful that i got my car stolen so that i could have you.

some back seat action... literally.
water ballooning out the sun roof {i never actually did this, but i always wanted to}
running out of gas a couple times. oops
moving our entire apartment to colorado
like trips to the cabin, snowshoeing, and biking.
trekking home SOLO on an eight hour drive
learning how to use cruise control!
spending my first anniversary camping... literally we camped in the car.
car accident(s).

although it is hard to give you up- i don't think that california can handle your experienced mileage.

so yes, i am getting a new car! 
new car, new car! 
it will never replace black beauty, but i really really really do like it!
so i think i can say bye to black beauty!


  1. Tell Jeff to give me that hat back!!! I've been looking for that thing for years! The blue/green Nordica one. Cause he obviously can't lie and pretend like he got it somewhere else

  2. yay! that's so exciting! r.i.p. black beauty.