Tuesday, April 24, 2012

spring hike

today we woke up and needed to get out!
we have been cooped up in our apartment doing homework so much lately that for our mental state we literally needed to get outside and breath fresh air.
it was so refreshing!
we hiked the living room at red butte in a roundabout way, 
and then on the way back we hiked down a trail that most definitely does not exist! 
it was for sure the backside of the mountain and not meant for hikers!
we talked about how it's probably a waterfall, it looks a little like trail because it is a path, 
but a path straight down a mountain.

we also talked about dogs the entire way up, and then the answer to our prayers came up to us.
a chocolate goldendoodle. except that a chocolate one is way hard to find- so darn that!

after we treated ourselves to lunch and now we are back in our apartment chained to our books!
yipee for school!


  1. chocolate goldendoodle??? i want to see!!!
    looks like a great day. i am obsessed with croutons.

  2. I have a chocolate goldendoodle!! I wish I knew the breeder's name cause then I would tell you, but we got him from a lady in Roy, Utah. You might be able to find her through google. They seriously are the best dogs ever!

    1. you just made me so happy! i ran into a lady today who also got hers in roy! i'm gonna hunt her down! i bet he is so cute!!!

  3. a chocolate golden doodle sounds fantastic! i love your instagrams so much (and those tennis shoes are so dang cute!)

  4. love that summer showed up while we're all inside studying for finals. i broke the rules and went out today too though. it was far too nice to be stuck inside.

  5. You deserve that tasty looking lunch after that hike!Rx


  6. Devin always ends up taking us on "other trails" that arent really trails...its awesome ;) hope you find a cocoa doodle :) miss you!