Wednesday, April 25, 2012

hi, this is my new car

thanks emmy for the picture perfect picture!
oh and yes, i am holding the keys. apparently i think they are really cool too and deserved some spotlightness.

um hi, we got a new car and we really really like it!
i have never really had a new car, so this is exciting.
i have had used cars... and a sad little car to get my through high school.
but this is my real grown up car.
"hi, i'm a grown up"
is so sessy right?

don't worry we paid a tribute to black beauty
and for those of you who enjoy the wonderfulness of seeing me driving and being able to toot your hello horn {a honk} at me, just look for me in this car now, ok. i still love your hello honks!

i'm sorry to be blogging about getting a new car- kind of weird right?
can we just get it over with and move on?

so far my car is so good, and so far no problems-good sign right?
oh and i would definitely recommend a hyundai.
and i also realize that my love for hyundai's is so new, that i have even been spelling it wrong all along "hundai"
good thing i'm in college right?

do you guys like how many questions i am asking you?
these open ended questions are so fun, just out into thin cyber air.

but really we are excited about my new car, and i would recommend a hyundai to anyone
you will not be disappointed. i wasn't- and i am sometimes very hard to please.

so yay for hyundai
 yay for cars
 yay for gas that is expensive
but yay for a gas efficient car
 yay for forgetting my license
 yay for going back home to get it
 yay for having a clean car
yay for new car smell, the real deal, not the car freshener...
and yay for road trips to california and back!

california is going to be our new home if you forgot...

did you feel similar euphoriatic feeling when you got a new car???
yep. euphoriatic is now a word.


  1. congratulations on your brand sparkling new car! i remember when i got my car, i didn't want to touch ANYTHING. i didn't want anything to get dirty. ehhhh now... you should see what it looks like ;)

  2. I love your new car :) I am about to graduate college and can't wait to get a NEW (as in just off the lot) car. All of mine have been hand me downs so far. I'm sure it has that yummy new car smell, right?

    good luck with it! cute blog.

  3. Yay! Getting a new car is so fun! And, I love your shoes + skirt color combination! :)

  4. beautiful car!!! i got a new car last summer (white toyota camry 2009) and i LOVE IT. such a fun feeling to have a new car and that new car smell!

  5. It's actually a great thing that you share to us your thoughts about your new car, so there's nothing to worry about. :) BTW, congrats to your new Hyundai car! The smell of a new car is just awesome to feel. :)

  6. Isn’t it great to have a new car? And congratulations! I can tell from the picture that it’s a terrific car – a Veracruz, specifically. You do have a nice taste in cars! That one is known to have very high road safety marks and is famous for its excellent ride experience. You will surely have a wonderful time driving your new car!

  7. Congratulations on your new car! You guys look so cute together. I'm glad you like Hyundai. I bet you're still enjoying that 'new car smell' up to this day. =)

  8. The Hyundai Veracruz looks amazing! It is a good choice as a basic of family vehicles, and actually a good looking one too. Although it is sad for you to let go of Black Beauty, it still carries your memories with it in high school. At least now you can create new memories with your new Hyundai, since it can accompany you now on your journey in college.