Friday, April 27, 2012

delicious cheese dip!

this is my go-to appetizer!
you can ask anyone who has ever attended anything pot-luck with me. this, is what i bring.
it is so delicious and pretty easy!
i have given this recipe out a dozen of times!
it is obviously my recipe, i have added or removed this and that from it, but i cannot claim it.
it was stolen from my momma's recipe book and is her good friend kathy mulcock's recipe!
like i said it has been changed here and there 
so i will try to include all options etc. for you to make the final calls!
what you need:
-one round peasant bread {sometimes hard to find. i have always gotten mine at smith's marketplace}
-1.5 cups sour cream
-1 cup grated cheddar cheese
-16 oz. cream cheese
-4 oz can diced green chiles {i always use mild, but i know some like it hot! and i use la victoria brand}
-chopped green onions {i usually chop up 2-4}

-chopped artichoke hearts
-chopped spinach
-cooked and chopped ham, shrimp, or bacon
{i always use artichoke hearts and spinach. 
i have tried ham and bacon. bacon is better. and i'm not a shrimp girl so...}

mix all ingredients together.
cut top of bread (like a pumpkin with a lid)
scoop out bread into small dipping pieces.

put dip in bread bowl with (bread) lid on top wrap in tin foil and cook at 350 for 1 1/2 hours.

serve hot with tortilla chips.

you guys it is so delicious, you will have to let me know what you think!!!


  1. i am obsessed with all things cheese and bread. and this looks pretty freaking easy. i am trying this.

  2. This looks great, did you use the bread as the bowl?Rx

  3. Yummy! I think I'm gonna make this over the weekend!
    Thank you for sharing!