Monday, April 30, 2012

moving and cleaning and moving and cleaning

this is what we did this weekend....

and now this room is empty. 
we said goodbye to our chairs, our tv stand, some shelves, our desk, and our small entry table.

it has been pretty surreal.
 now we just sit in our open room and try to imagine boxing everything up.
wish us luck!

we are so grateful that we were able to find new homes for them! 
they were our first bits and pieces that made our little apartment a home. 
there are only two things that are coming to california with us... 
our kitchen table {where the magic happens}
and our bed {where a different kind of magic happens...}


  1. good luck, good luck! little by little, you are making way for the new :) happy times are ahead!

    xo, amanda

  2. wishing you the best of luck in the move!!!
    and welcome to california... at least soon :)