Wednesday, May 2, 2012

because we love dogs

woof woof!
because we are such good people and we love dogs so much we took a trip to the 
humane society to play with their pups!
and it was sad.

but we learned that we both love pitbulls.
and so should everyone else.

how pretty is this dog!? does it not look wild?


  1. This type of dog always makes me a bit nervous, They have a bit of a bad rep in the UK due to reckless owners.Rx

  2. I visit the humane society all the time and I want to save all of them. It's so hard! They're all so precious.

  3. oh gosh, that dog is absolutely beautiful! i love the coat!
    i always wanted to do go and do this but i'm afraid i would just want to take every dog home with me!!
    xo TJ