Monday, May 7, 2012

a graduating weekend!

 this weekend was graduation, which was so fun! 
and i was way excited to get a graduation dress and then i never took off my gown.
but that's ok. 
also, i graduated- or it looks like i did, but really i didn't, i still have an entire summer semester left.
but i'm so close i can taste it!
and it tastes like market street cause that's where we went to eat with our ever so loving parents!
cross your fingers i pass guys!

holla graduation gifts!

fyi: that is not my dad's man-purse. it is my purse that he is sweetly holding!

yay for being smart!


  1. hello cute graduation dress that i wish everyone would have seen. congrats on graduation! good luck with your summer classes!

  2. congratulations on graduating :)
    the summer will fly by. it always does.
    x jes

  3. SUCH A GREAT FEELING! Isn't it? Congratulations lizey loo