Tuesday, June 19, 2012

happy father's day

this man below deserves some credit...
father's day was just the other day, and i want to recognize him.

this is my dad. and he is carving and shaping my husband's wedding ring in this picture.
yes, i made my husbands wedding ring. i am that awesome.

i love my dad so much! he is just so so great!
we are currently living under their roof until we move and i could't be happier.
family for life!

my dad is intelligent, personable, humble, religious, trusting, kind, respectful, funny, charming, and everything else in between.
i go to him for everything. he takes care of my bank problems, school problems, car problems, insurance problems, costco problems... obviously he is someone that i can count on. 

i owe him so much!


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