Friday, June 8, 2012

pepe le pew


we found it stranded in our window well. and animal control said that they would have to euthanize it.
not happening.
IT WAS A BABY! not even opened eyes!
the richards in me couldn't let it happen. 
that little shivering skunk outside my window wasn't gonna happen.

so we rescued it. and you bet we bought baby animal formula and bottle fed it
 until we could take it to this sold life preserve 2 hours away.
 again, DO NOT JUDGE ME, i love animals!

p.s. and just for your information people have skunks as pets!!! 
you can get their stink glands taken out and apparently they are pretty good pets.
super cuddly and all...
oh but and you do have to file their teeth down, cause they get big and fang-ish... yikes!
so at least i'm not THAT crazy!

i think i'm just really really really nice!

so with that, happy weekend!


  1. oh my gosh, cutest thing ever! i would have done the same thing. you're such a good person ;)
    xo TJ

  2. no way! this is crazy, adorable and awesome all at the same time. xo

  3. That's really nice of you! Take good care of it. :)

  4. Oh sweetie pie :) my dad actually had a pet skunk, imagine that! I've heard they can make great pets.