Wednesday, July 18, 2012

blogging will resume when...

i am not worried about concentric isotonic contractions and when i don't consume my time drawing charts for blood clots and when i don't make jeff quiz me onwards made up by smart people like...
phosphagen system

i would do so much better in a class where things were simple
we're hungry, we eat, we digest, we poop
 we lift weights, we get bigger muscles
we need blood we go to the doctor, we don't need to know the science behind it.
i breath air. end of story. i do not need to know the vital capacity of that air, and all the chemicals it contains at sea level.

BOO all of it!

i will be back when it is over!


  1. uhh...that's not english. my brain just exploded. good luck!

  2. i don't even know what you just typed up there. its a foreign language of "i don't get it".

    but goooood luck!

  3. my goodness!! just stumbled upon your blog, it's lovely. good luck with all that mambo jambo!