Tuesday, July 10, 2012


ahh, the rodeo!
we were thrilled to be invited. thanks friends!

my favorite part was the bull riding, and all the classic cowboy names 
{cache, shane, cade, cody...}

although it is all fun and games, i am convinced it is a devil's sport.
i find myself always rooting for the non human to win.
no baby calf want to run full speed only to be jerked back by a rope tied to it's neck...
and then have their feet tied together!
obviously i always wanted the baby calf to get away 
and i always wanted the cowboy to get bucked off!

i like to play cowgirl dress up, but i don't think i can live the part.
next year i'm going as an indian though.

however, this one pulls it off quite nicely
ow ow!

so head on out to the oakley rodeo next july and root for the animals with me!

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  1. Fun! I don't remember the last rodeo I went to. I agree about the animals...kinda sad we use them for entertaining, but hopefully they're treated well behind the scenes : ) lize, it was so great to see you and Jeff. Thanks for making time to catch up. You're gorgeous and I love ya!