Saturday, July 7, 2012

fourth of july

our fourth of july was spent in midway
we had a family reunion this past week and it was so fun!

i really think we partied like a rockstar!

we went swimming, fishing, golfing, alpine coastering, fire working {this includes both watching actuall fires on the mountain, and and sky high fireworks}, shopping, sleeping, and a whole lot of other things. overall it was a pretty rad trip and you should all be extremely jealous.

also on my mind right now:
i am running half marathon 
1) on my two year anniversary 
{if you don't know when that it you are not a true friend...} 
and 2) it is in like three weeks

i dyed my hair blonde, call me goldie locks and i will respond

we went to the rodeo and i think it is a devil's sport.
no one wants to get hooked with a rope by the neck. not even a baby calf.

we are in a weight loss competition and i am going to win!

mark zuckerberg got married and i want to know how much of it is true love

and that's all for now. enjoy my pictures from the week!


  1. blonde hair?! i want to seee it!!

  2. I want some of those cute pictures:)

  3. Weight loss competition Lize? That can't be possible for you, you might disapear! Also, I want to see your golden locks :)

  4. these pictures are too fabulous! just beautiful! good luck on your half marathon, girl! you will rock it!
    xo TJ