Tuesday, September 11, 2012

before we moved, california wedding

{picture overload}
i'm going to back track... kind of a lot. because i feel like i skipped over the whole summer.
it wasn't my fault that my physiology class decided to ruin my last utah summer in ever single way possible!
i even had a chance to play croquet with thee jef holm {yes, from the bachelorette} and couldn't because i had to bomb a test the next day. LAME!

but there were a lot of fun times this summer.
yay for fun and boo for school!

so starting with the california wedding we went to!

it was so beautiful and perfect! the wedding had so much personality!
i had never been to the san diego temple and it was absolutely gorgeous! it looks like a castle!
becca and j.r. couldn't have looked happier on their special day.

after the ceremony they were STARVING and met us at board and brew for some lunch!
can you imagine eating lunch and in walking a bride...
i love them and am so happy for them! 
love love love!

my favorite detail was maybe the biggest- her dress.

and then of course we had the wedding dinner, which was the night before.
but whatever, we are already way out of order cause this was like three months ago...
but it was super fun! we had banjo's playing, burgers, hot dogs, and hippo cookies!

we got a little bit jealous of all the attention on them...

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  1. Cute wedding! I am happy for JR. Excuse me please take a minute to tell me how you almost played croquet with jef-one-f!!!???