Thursday, September 13, 2012

well halloween IS just around the corner

so then i dressed up like a pirate for dinner and fro-yo.
and i actually was not hungry at all for dinner {i sort of had the biggest salad of my life, where i did the create your own... and you got 7SEVEN7 toppings, so basically i was just doubling up on everything, and by then end i had a lot of deliciousness with a extra small side salad. but i love bacon and croutons so i was on board! that is sort of my kind of salad...
i think that i will definitely be going back to pluto's after their 'out of this world' salad 
{get it? out of this world...pluto, cause it's like a planet, and it IS out of this world}

and then we went to dinner with some sexy chicas, and by that time probably just the lettuce was digested and the seven toppings were just gettin' started.
and so because i wasn't hungry i got pasta... the most filling food you could probably get.
do i regret it? hello no.
i was like "get in ma belly!" and so it did, and then on top of that we went and got fro-yo.
i might regret the extra added fro-yo.

i hope you enjoy my new pinstripe pants as much as i do... if not feel free to shhhhh
and these are those sexy ladies i was talking about {check out the one on the left}
we are like a pregnant oreo, because the two in the middle are both preggers!
yay for babies!

it was so fun to have a girls dinner. the boys went to the stanford game, and because football is only fun for the first hour or the last two minutes depending on the game, we decided to skip out on that and do this instead. and girls dinner will win every time. 
love fun. love friends. love food. love love with an f {luff}

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