Tuesday, September 18, 2012

pictures from the freakin' weekend

this weekend was a good one.
as you can tell sometimes we break our own rule and let bevi on the bed.
only when she is super tired, and i had just given her a bath.
but she just was shivering from the bath and needed some body heat.
i love a good cuddle.. so sue me.

we went on a bike ride to the google quad campus {where jeff works} to figure out a bike route for him to take to work. and let me tell you that where he works is so pretty.
the driveway is lined with trees and i just love it.

i also was asked to speak in church this sunday so that took up a big chunk of my weekend.
recycling old talks still takes some time. jk

it was a little hectic sunday morning. we don't yet have a printer, and so when it came time to print my talk {20 minutes before church} the printer wouldn't work. 
so i had to use jeff's iPad. which i was embarrassed about, but out here in the silicon valley i fit right in.
i could have brought my laptop and no one would have said anything.
they are all about the devices our here.

and i was lucky enough to be the recipient of this picture on friday night.
my parents are going to europe soon and my little brother was trying to help my dad look the part.
my favorite part are the converse.

we also went to a tailgating party for the stanford vs. usc game and i somehow ended up with a huge catering tray full of cornbread rolls and brownies.
yay for cornbread and brownies for days.
we thought we needed to go grocery shopping, but not anymore.

oh and p.s. i want a fuel economy car or whatever, because gas here is cray-cray expensive!

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  1. You are so funny - your posts make me laugh! Looks like you two (three) are having lots of fun. We miss you!