Wednesday, September 19, 2012

and then i discovered FaceTime

someone {jeff} is probably going to hack into my phone and disable this option because it got a little bit out of control the other night. 
first, i was on the phone with my brother, and then jeff suggested i FaceTime him, so i did. 
and then i wouldn't let him hangup.
and when he would i would just FaceTime him back.

and then i told my mom FaceTime me, 
but she was taking WAY to long so i FaceTimed bo and kira {not pictured} and jeff.

and then finally my mom, and then we got disconnected, and i was sad. 
but hip hip hooray for FaceTime! 
i am a new fan and will definitely be taking full advantage of it.
and i have been taking advantage, i FaceTime bo and kira way too much now.

"hey, i just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number so call {FaceTime} me maybe..."

but really i'm obsessed.

my conversation with jeff lasted like 2 seconds, he was so annoyed with my FaceTime craze.

yeah, i know, it's sad that my mom's full name is in my phone.
it was a syncing problem with Facebook.
oh and yes, it's also sad that my mom has Facebook.
what is the world coming to?

p.s. do i fit in nicely with my STANFORD sweatshirt?

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  1. i once facetimed with my friend bryndy (who was in the same room with me) and it was HILARIOUS. why i haven't done it since is beyond me.