Friday, September 28, 2012

weekend at lake tahoe

i love lake tahoe!
i love love love it!
i am going to start looking now for a cabin!

i'll start from the beginning.

this weekend was jeff's 26th birthday, happy birthday babe!
{guys and jeff, don't worry- his birthday post is coming up next}

so we celebrated his birthday with homemade key lime pie, presents and friends.
then on saturday we headed to lake tahoe to the most amazing hook up of a cabin ever.
the view was so beautiful and overlooked the lake.
the next day the boys had signed up for a tough mudder, which is like a crazy 11 mile mud run with obstacles over walls, in tunnels, through shocks, freezing ice cube filled water, blah blah blah- you get it. a super duper really difficult run! 

oh and also... we took bevi, and bevi got very very carsick and threw up twice on the ride up, and then was lethargic the rest of the night. it was a really really sad car ride, but she was very quiet and since she was so lethargic she just lounged around snuggling up to you and it was kind of the best thing ever!

pre tough mudder

post tough mudder.

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  1. Scenery is stunning and just how cute is that dog!Rx