Tuesday, October 2, 2012

a happy birthday post

happy birthday to my jeff

can you believe that he is 26! 

it has been one great year for my man!
he graduated from the University of Utah this past summer and accepted his first 'big boy' job!
and we are now living in california and soaking up the california sun!

the card i gave him said this

because he is.

i wrote all kinds of secrets inside!

sadly i couldn't post this until today because i gave it to him yesterday. i am so bad, and i didn't give it to him for a week! but happy birthday!

babes you now i love you and i am so happy to be living in the grand CA with you! you make everything so much more fun! as early as 7 am is, i love driving you to work in the morning because it's just more time i get to spend with you!

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