Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fleet Week, Blue Angels

this weekend was fleet week in SF, so of course we hopped in the car, took our bikes and tackled the hills of SF from our far away parking spot.

and i even wore my "naked pants" because in SF it is not illegal to be naked, so if anyone actually mistakened {not a real word} me for being naked, it would be ok.
yay for my naked pants!
{they are my naked pants because obviously, as shown below, they are orange and yes, i have mistaken for not having pants on}

anyways, fleet week is incredible! last year we were visiting SF this exact weekend and tried to do fleet week, but because of the foggy weather it got canceled. so we were super excited to finally see it, and it was really really loud but also really awesome. the planes fly in formations and are super close to each other and do swirls and ride low to the city. it was awesome!

we went with some friends, cody and meg, and cody LOVES fleet week! all of the normal people were sitting on the grass watching the planes go by and he was RUNNING all over trying to get the best view of them all. it really was pretty comical. 

we had pizza for lunch and donuts from bob's. {bob's i highly recommend, pizza place- was like a grocery/greek store, so i don't even know how i feel about it still}

after the boys went to priesthood and megs and i did some shopping and then we all met up at jack's prime in san mateo for burgers and shakes.

photo credit, cody johnson
as he was the only one willing to run all over for a good picture.

as observed above, i am always ready for a good picture.
also, i really need to work on my posture... cause megs really has it down


  1. we were biking all around too! i'm mad we didn't see each other. we'll plan dinner soon or the nakie pants! xo

  2. Your comment made my day on my blog! Sorry, I am just now getting back to you- I have been so sick. Yuck! But yes, we do sort-or-kind-of live in the same place... We must become BFF's, and soon too. Once my performance is over next weekend, I should have a free day or two. Let's meet up! For reals, though. xoxo

  3. Love the "naked" pants ;)
    Pizza and donuts all in one place? Sounds like my thighs and I need to go!