Thursday, October 25, 2012

my parents came to town

this past weekend/week my parents were in town!
and i was so excited- i had planned so many fun things to do while they were here.
and not only did the weather decide to be cold and rainy, but i got THE WORST COLD OF MY LIFE
it was so awful
and i never get colds! i dont even believe in them! every time jeff has a cold i make fun of what a baby he is being, "just stay in bed cause you have the sniffles..."
i obviously had it coming cause i am eating my words now!

they got here late on wednesday night, so thursday, friday and saturday were great, and then shiz hit the fan... i got so sick!
but i like to consider myself sort of a trooper and pat myself on the back for whatever things i did do!

we ate at google and impressed both my parents with their free restaurants!
we stayed the weekend in SF and hung out in union square and china town and ate at a local oyster bar.
and went full force into the crowds of uniqlo
we visited family and strolled the charming neighborhoods of palo alto
we toured the stanford campus and met some cool friends hanging out on the bench.
we shopped the stanford mall and downtown palo alto and paid big bucks for macaroons.
and then things just went downhill from there

i stayed home from church, while jeff went with my parents, after my dad left on sunday night and my mom stayed an extra couple days i stayed in bed all morning while my mom walked the dog, she made me homemade soup, while i slept, she cleaned my house, while i took a bath, she walked bevi again, while i slept. it was a sad couple of days. and i just cried the day she left cause i felt so bad that she didn't get to have any fun. i had planned such a fun stay for them!

guys, next time will be better i promise!


  1. two things: 1. you are adorable. 2. We MUST hang out.

    and I guess one more 3. I am not going to say it again. ;) ha.

  2. Oh lize, so sorry you got sick...that's the pits when your favorite people come to visit. Well I'm glad your Mom could be there to take care of the sniffles. Love you guys!