Tuesday, January 29, 2013

its super mean, when you make friends and then they move away.

we have been very fortunate to have made some incredible friendships in the little time that we have been here. we really feel like we lucked out on our move as far as all the people we are surrounded by.

the other night we had a going away party for our good friends cody and megs and their cutest baby boy tanner! they already packed their car and are probably just settling into their new home. 

in the short 6 months that we have lived here we have spent so much of that time with them. and we are so sad to see them go. we really enjoyed biking around SF and watching the blue angels do cool tricks in the sky, megs was pretty pregnant at this point and was a super trooper for biking up those hilly streets! she set pregnant standards pretty high. we also had tons of fun going to half moon bay with them and watching cody and jeff attempt surfing with the big boys. but good thing they are moving to utah, so since we kinda like that place, we'll probably keep in touch!

and boys are weird..

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