Friday, January 25, 2013

highs and lows of this week

oh how glorious it is to reflect on the past week.
what a fun one it was too.


washed darks and lights together. never ever good.

completely tore apart my apartment bathroom trying to find the source of a leaky shower head. i went to target, bedbath&beyond and home depot trying to find the shower head twin... didn't find it. so mad. came home, tried to be plumber myself, and unscrewed the entire faucet/shower head and sprayed water everywhere. so now i am youtub'ing "repair leaky shower heads" and we'll see how it goes.

i also thought i was very fancy or something and tried to get into an acura parked in the parking lot. i remember thinking as i was waking up to it, wow my car really is good looking. no, it was not my car. i ended up having to press the lock/unlock to get it to beep in order to find my right car. but maybe one day i will be getting into an acura. most likely next time i'm in utah, because that is what my mother-in-law drives.

i answered the door in the AM, after getting ready and dressed for the day, only to have the maintenance man apologize for waking me up. i decided to just go with it, and said it was fine, i needed to get up anyways. then i decided maybe it was time for a shower.

called someone named mario, marco. easy mistake. and said, that's what i meant..
called someone named dan, ben.
almost said hello "don juan," because that is what jeff calls my boss whose name is don.

the power went out the other night in our complex, well the entire street, and for some reason they thought i would have the solution... after realizing that i was no help, they wanted to unscrew the garage door, "um, i think not." i also got an emergency call because a man couldn't go to dinner! people are dumb.

 got kicked out of starbucks for charging our phones and not buying anything.

went to the same sandwich shop 3 times, and was told i must really like their sandwiches.
why, yes i do.

put a notice of lease termination on my neighbors door, and now i am avoiding leaving my apartment.

rented a three bedroom apartment. yay!

met a new mormon-work friend! yay for religious similarities!

felt baby girl kick on monday and again on thursday!

got told that i was patient.

made sugar cookies and cornbread muffins

jeff got a new car! so now i don't have to take jeff to the bus stop! i can sleep in a couple extra minutes in the AM before "don juan" calls me! honda2002

so that's basically all for this week. i'm sure there were some other highs and lows, but they may or may not have occurred in the bedroom, so i'll spare you the details.. jk, eww gross!


  1. haha dying over these. love them all!
    is don juan the apartment company boss?
    glad we can relate on those stories, but lucky us that the power hasn't gone out yet..knock on wood. XO