Wednesday, January 23, 2013

hi. i'm twenty weeks and looking very pregnant today.

WARNING: belly photo

i'm being really really really really daring by sharing this photo.
but today is a big big step in my pregnancy... we re halfway! so whatev.
it is super duper awesome to think that in the time that has passed i have that much left now. 
it is a milestone in my book.

we are that much closer to meeting our baby girl.

just so you know this is a night time picture. i am like triple normal pregnant size at night time.
oh and my belly button has never looked like this before.
pregnancy is all just very strange.

but it's ok, hopefully i can now pass for being pregnant and not just chubby.
for awhile, jeff didn't think that there was a baby in there and now i'm hoping this picture is proof.
if not a baby then a whole lot of something bad is going on in there.

another really awesome thing that we experienced the other night is some baby kicking!
we're like 100% sure that that's what it was.
for the last couple of weeks, i lay in bed at night and try to feel for a baby kick. so far nothing, until monday night. we totally felt her. she kicked for me and she kicked for jeff too.
and then gave me a couple secret kicks too!
but who really knows if she is actually kicking, she could be head butting or something.
i dunno, she was like exercising or something?
 sadly, since then i haven't felt her. boo her. ha a whole two days.

these are the times when jeff gets really possessive over my tummy and get's all stubborn about who contributed more. of course i win. i'm the hostess with the mostess!
but really it comes down to us sharing the tummy and then switching off sides. 
and one time he pretended that he felt her, and since then i haven't forgave him. 
and i probably wont either.

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