Monday, January 21, 2013

new life in san mateo

thus far, we are loving san mateo!

although we really really miss palo alto and all of our friends there. we are adapting to san mateo.

if you didn't know we recently moved to san mateo from palo alto.
a short 15 minute drive.
now we are closer to the city, farther from jeff's work, cozying up to a fireplace, doing wash in our apartment, dishes in our dishwasher, and have two bathrooms! 

we moved for an apartment management position.
and it's kind of sort of really cool, but also i am having a lot of phone conversations with people i don't really understand and i literally have to ask them their name like ten times!

and then first thing i do when im showing the apartment is ask to see their license, so then i can struggle again with pronunciation.

but as of now, this is the best that i have found san mateo has to offer...
and i think it's pretty awesome yo!

also i will be 20 weeks, halfway on wednesday!
oh my yay!

jeff said it best when he said i have a fleshy banana in my belly.
and i told him to never say that again.


  1. i want to come see san mateo ASAP! we were in half moon bay today and kept seeing signs for san mateo. love the spankme building! hope that's your apartments you "manage" hehe

  2. You are way cute, organized and creative Eliza! It is fun seeing your adventures on IG too. Good luck on your next 20 weeks! So exciting for you (and the Becky too!) (I know she's soooo excited! Tara's new little Lucy is 2 weeks old and wow! Your mom will have a ball!